Treatments for Men

Treatments for Men

In the last decade, there has been a huge increase in the number of men seeking medical and cosmetic solutions for their skin. Nearly half of our current clients are men and they are on the increase.

Men now understand the importance of healthy strong skin.

Male skin can be thicker than female skin. They tend to have higher quantities of elastin and collagen making their skin firmer. Men are more likely to sweat as they have larger pores and a better blood supply with greater active subaceous glands.

Miravue Men are confident in the knowledge that they are getting the best expert advice and treatment.

Our most popular skin treatments for Men are:

  • Laser TreatmentRead more
  • Laser Hair Removal for all that unwanted unsightly body hair. Read more
  • Anti wrinkle injections for frown lines on the forehead and eye lines.  Read more
  • Excessive sweating/hyperhydrosis for the underarm, hands and feet. Read more
  • Wart and Skin Tag removal on the face and body.  Read more

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